Thousands of voices across thousands of generations of women - stories and song that weave women strong!

Told through original song and story by the Women of AustraNesia, Woven seeks to capture the essence of what is most powerful and enduring about the nature of woman.

A nervous bride journeys with family across turbulent seas to marry and settle on an island far from home and all she knows. A sudden squall whips up her fear and she calls out for help from her ancestors. A mysterious old woman emerges from the wedding party to be her companion, weaving timeless stories and songs to pass the time. Not all the stories are happy. Some are difficult to hear. Some have unexpected twists and turns, but all give insight to the brilliance and resilience of womanhood, their bravery, vulnerability and endurance. The bride must ride out the storm of her own fears, learn from each of the stories the old woman offers, and turn to face her own story and her new life with her husband with courage. Woven is a tribute to family, a celebration of women and the part they play in making family strong, a poignant and powerful testament of how we are all woven across time and across cultures through the family of humanity.

Venue Format
Theatre, Black Box Venue
Technical Rating
Touring Party

11 headset mics required. Lighting pre-rig day before - but bump in, lx focus, audio plot, sound check - same day Provision / Scope to have women from workshops in theatre/green room to join with us in second half of the finale song.

AustraNesia s a gathering of the region’s finest Indigenous musical artists of Australian Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Polynesian and Melanesian descent.

This world-class ensemble showcases harmony amidst diversity in both song and spirit, giving voice to original music showcasing each artist backed by a soul-stirring choir. Broad in genre yet individual in story and delivery, all songs are laced with language, interwoven with traditional instrumentation unique to that artist, bringing heritage to remembrance and educating our listeners about our respective regions.

An ever evolving music entity, the AustraNesia vision came to light at the end 2012. Six months later, Sounds of AustraNesia launched its album. The talent within the group allowed scope to diversify and two years later, Women of AustraNesia launched its album.

AustraNesia is proud to venture now into this new territory and present our first musical theatre production, Woven.

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Unique Selling Point

  1. An all women cast of 11 from 1 music group "Women of AustraNesia" - Aboriginal, Torres Strait Island, Polynesian and Melanesian Women. 5 main cast and 6 choir members.

  2. Stories are relatable irrespective of cultural heritage, gender, age of audience. It weaves stories using cultural artefacts.

  3. A fusion of language and traditional instrumentation in the contemporary score and music. It is a brand new work with all creatives and cast from Cairns region.

Marketing Materials

Promo reel Publicity and production images Full video Synopsis

Community Engagement

Workshops with women's choirs - cultural and musical exchange. Teach theme song and invite them to sing last half of finale at end of show.