Queen of queer cabaret and determined to never become a national treasure, Yana Alana is not your average cabaret performer, she's an extra large. After touring her nude show around the world picking up a Helpmann Award, two Green Room Awards and a swag of others, Yana, in a risqué act of defiance, will appear on stage fully clothed! Joined by The Paranas featuring Bec Matthews, Louise Goh and Michelle Scully with songs made famous by Nina Simone, Tom Waits, Shirley Bassey, Laurie Anderson and Joy Division. 'In one moment, Yana will have the audience on the edge of their seats, marvelling at a voice that is quite frankly fabulous. Then they reel back as she unleashes a slightly unhinged monologue...then burst out laughing when it turns out to be nothing more - or less - than the lyrics from a song by yet another popular artist. Yana's voice is astounding, her comedy had the audience roaring - my companion was in tears of laughter. Her stage personality is over the top and the Paranas are a tight and talented trio who are an integral part of the show.' Hawkes Bay Today NZ

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The most important element of this show is the sound, so the correct tech requirements need to be met. Our production person Bec Matthews (also drummer) is available to contact about specifics regarding the show, we have toured regionally in Victoria and New Zealand and know how to make the show adaptable while at the same time having the technical elements the show requires in order to deliver the best version of the show possible. This show requires a projector and projector screen, but on our regional tour we fashioned one from a giant sheet. We need enough space on the stage to fit and require a follow spot and follow spot operator. The venue will be required to hire instruments. Accommodation is for 4 as Bec and Sarah can share a room.

Auspicious Projects Inc has been producing Yana Alana and Tha Paranas since 2015. Auspicious Projects has also worked extensively with The Listies and Jodee Mundy Collaborations. It is the sister organisation of Auspicious Arts Incubator and Auspicious Arts Projects.

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Yana Alana Covered is an inclusive show. Yana invites men and women to challenge their perceptions about women as Yana is anti glamour, punk and clownish, while the all female band remind the audience that women play instruments. The show encourages people to let themselves out of their shells and have some fun, to laugh and interact and sing along. Most of our audiences have ended on their feet at the end of the show and the feedback is always about how surprised they were about the show but how much fun it was.

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In the past we have been invited to give talks or to be a part of a conversation with youth about performance. We also have the capacity to run workshops as Bec, Louise and myself are all teachers and have run percussion, piano, singing and songwriting workshops.