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Arvo-tea on the veranda, a priceless view, and…I’m forgetting something… Never mind! …How are your investments going darling?

Physical, wordy, weird, poignant, poetic and hilarious, this genre-defying cook-up get’s stuck into that pantry full of stale, unfinished business, pulls out a desiccated rat and some sugar.

Born on Kulin country, grown up on Kabi Kabi country, creator and performer, Kendra Keller, aka Lady Longdrop, is a whitefella and multidisciplinary artist, wrestling it out with deep-tissue questions around colonial-capitalist barbarity, normalcy, amnesia and arrival. Are you ready?

Nominated for Best Theatre and Winner of the Spirit of Fringe Award, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019.

‘An intense, grotesque laugh at Australian culture and the impacts of colonisation, from a non-indigenous person’s perspective... It’s gritty, it’s full of technique, it’s poetic, it’s fucken’ beautiful, it’s funny! It is so funny! It’s a show that is meant for people who are ready to acknowledge that colonisation has real after effects…and the kind of blindness that Australia has as a culture towards it.’ – Ebony McGuire

‘A bold, bold truth telling… And an act of hospitality, like a beautiful family meal… The juxtaposition was just stark…shocking but also necessary’. – Rowan White

Venue Format
Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
Touring Party

This show is not suitable for a raised stage.

ACCESSIBILITY Show is text heavy, in spoken and sung English language, with strong accents and parochial phrasing. Audience members are invited to move within the performance space, including over uneven surfaces. Accessibility aids, such as surtitles or closed captions have not been developed for this show, but may be arranged, with presenter support.

AGE APPROPRIATENESS Parental guidance recommended.


  • Moderate coarse language
  • Audience participation, including audience being prompted to move within the performance space, across uneven ground, and in proximity to one another.
  • Potentially triggering content or themes, including simulated blood, colonisation, genocide, slavery, and white fragility.

Kendra Keller is a writer, physical performer and theatre maker, described by audiences as provocative, passionate, versatile, philosophical and absorbing: a voice that needs to be heard.

Kendra’s show ‘Yay For Cane Toads!’, an immersive tea-party experience that dishes up colonial-capitalist-barbarity with some sugar on top, was nominated for ‘Best Theatre’ and won the ‘Spirit Of Fringe Award’ for its premiere season at Melbourne Fringe Festival, 2019.

Her current investigation 'Apples' explores themes of femininity, repression and exoticism; juicing her youth as a white-Australian wanna-be-Persian-house-wife, all over the carpet.

She has presented original performance works in contexts including Woodford Folk Festival, Wonderland Festival, Malaka Performing Arts Festival, HillsceneLIVE and Melbourne Fringe, and has created site specific performances from Tasmainia’s Tarkine wilderness to North Queensland’s sugar plantations.

Artists she has trained with include: Yumiko Yoshioka, Agung Gunawan, Yumi Umiumare, Giovanni Fusetti, Tony Yap, Anna Yen, Daniel Crisp and Leisa Shelton.

Also known as spoken word artist Lady Longdrop, Kendra’s collection of poems 'Hey Moon!' sold out six times in its first year.

Kendra was born on Kulin country, from a line of cheeky and compulsively hospitable Swiss matriarchs, and raised on Kabi Kabi country.

Unique Selling Point

FORM A theatrical experience, with strong immersive elements and cabaret intimacy, YAY FOR CANE TOADS! is threaded with poetic text and potent physicality. It’s got bouffonish ouch and butohish otherworldliness. It starts with tea and white-fragility-blankies, and ends with audiences having their seating rights extinguished, before being invited into a ceremonial, reflective sand-pit-story-time.

KEY THEMES Whiteness (specifically an examination and critique of ‘White-Australian-ness’) Materiality of Privilege (focus on legacies of Qld/NSW sugar industry and the Pacific Slave Trade) Amnesia and Erasure (…of history. Persistence of Terra Nullius as a powerful collective fantasy)

Marketing Materials

For general marketing:

  • Great! hero images
  • Awesome marketing copy
  • Marketing collateral - poster, post-card and socials campaign designs
  • Melbourne Fringe awards and nominations (and a 'winner!' sticker)
  • Great show pics
  • An epic show trailer
  • Artis's website (with dedicated show page) currently getting an overhaul

For presenters and partners:

  • A beautiful four page 'show prospectus', with images and info
  • A show info pack including tech specs and tour ready details
  • A show dropbox with all of the above in one place for easy access

Community Engagement

How we best engage with the community around this work will be a key consideration and focus of the upcoming remount for this touring iteration.

Taking care about what country we are on, and how we are on that country with this story is a high priority for us.

The work lends itself to opening a space for audiences to explore their own reflections and stories, and we will be working on how best to hold space for that, whether directly post show, or in events that link to the show.

Educational resources is also something we are looking at developing.