Barefoot Lawn Bowls meets Barefoot Contemporary Dance

It’s hard to be a spectator in Lawn Bowls. The club president’s enthusiasm is just too convincing and soon you find yourself with a bowl in hand and signing up with a team. You thought this was a dance show. The lights are dark, you are listening carefully to instructions on how to give weight, release and aim for the target when suddenly two club members start rolling around the green. You’ve never seen a 70 year old rolling like that.

You Don't Know Jack + Kitty is an intergenerational performance that rolls out a lifetime of curve balls. Through contemporary movement inspired by the bodies and stories of the over 60s community, Gogi Dance Collective explores the perspectives of our elders as they look back on the life that they rolled. Audiences are immersed in fun customary bowls etiquette with gripping dance theatre.

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This work is reinstalled into the regions local bowls club, wearing the local club uniform.

With a combined 35 years of local and international dance practice, Alicia Harvie, Ashleigh White and Viviane Frehner are the Gogi Dance Collective. Producer and choreographer Harvie drives the creative collective’s exploration of new environments. White’s outstanding training at WAPPA elevates the company’s artistry. Frehner’s international career opens the regional company's perspective. Newly formed in 2015 and triennially funded by Gold Coast City Council, Gogi specialises in customised site­ specific dance experiences. By delivering high production values and excellence in choreography, visual and sound design, site and event management, Gogi’s unexpected, immersive experiences embolden audiences to explore their local spaces, connect with each other and shift their expectations of arts experiences.

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This work takes contemporary dance outside the theatre to families and communities of local bowls clubs. Taking place in quintessential Australian establishments across Queensland, the work is an unforgettable immersive experience blending contemporary art and classic bowls club fun. This is a show that will leave the audience talking about their local bowls club for years to come.

Marketing Materials

This work was created, in relationship, with an extensive number of Lawn Bowls Club Presidents across Queensland from the far north to the south east. Their collective experiences and stories have inspired and feature in this touring show. It is therefore likely that your target audiences/communities already have a personal link to the company directors. Just ask us!

• Media Releases + reviews (available early 2020) • High quality hero images + video • Help and support in developing and organising publicity opportunities with Bowls Clubs

Community Engagement

Gogi has a range of community engagement opportunities on offer • Warm up and conditioning classes for lawn bowls club members • Contemporary movement masterclasses for ever-changing bodies of all ages and abilities. • Speciality workshops in making and producing site-specific physical theatre performances for artists • Gogi can tailor experiences to suit different communities.