If you are a woman, know a woman, or have ever heard of a woman- this show is for you.

Sugar, spice, and apparently “nice”? With our bloody good sense of humour, we're going to rip into the uncomfortable using high-flying acrobatics, absurd confessions and groovy dancing. WINNERS of Best Emerging Artist at Adelaide Fringe 2019, and the FRINGEWORLD top-tier Martin Sims Award, get ready to witness a powerhouse of female circus performers kick art in the face.

YUCK is a commentary for the masses; our mission is to speak freely and comedically about social topics to open a gateway to the human experience. We’re talking menstruation, addressing toxic masculinity, trying our worst pick-up lines, and celebrating our Australian pride. Pull it together with a team of highly skilled lady acrobats and even Dazza from down the road is going to have a bloody good time.

Venue Format
Theatre, Hall, Black Box Venue, Outdoor
Technical Rating
D, The production can be modified to suit most venues
Touring Party
7 Cast (we prefer to use the on-site tech team but can tour with our own)

Prefer Aerial point certified to take human load (not necessary) Prefer Wooden/Dance floor (Not necessary) Show packs down into 7kg suitcase No stage set up We will work with what lights you have (super adaptable) We can perform anywhere- indoor/outdoor, grass, school halls, basketball courts, shopping centres- we've done it Performers need adequate warm up time in an appropriate space (approx. 30mins)

Let’s get into the grit of it: we’re coming for your bloody ‘female standards’ and rough Aussie norms. Our 7-strong West Australian company of circus chicks are tackling the uncomfortable through dance, circus, and beaut comedic timing. It’s bingeing on a jar of Nutella, it’s the thwack of the tampon, and it’s all contemporary Australian poetry. YUCK is fun for the faint hearted, the strong willed, and the everyday battler.

YUCK was chosen as the winner of 2018 Gaswork’s Circus Showdown for its outstanding comedic social commentary. Flash forward a year and we've taken out 6 awards over Perth and Adelaide Fringe- notably the Overall Emerging Artist award at Adelaide Fringe 2019, and the FRINGEWORLD top-tier Martin Sims (awarded to the West Australian company who are most likely to see success on the world stage).

As an all-female cast, with an all-female brain-trust, were providing a humour that you wouldn’t expect. Couple that with some high standard circus feats- we’re ready to make a social change.

Company Website

Unique Selling Point

We're an all-female Circus show with 7 strong ladies on stage. We show the humour of the trials of what it’s like to be a young woman growing up in Australia. But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t girls only-no boyz allowed show. The ladies will have a ripper of a time so YUCK’s mission ensuring our content and message is celebrated even by those who don’t know that lady-power is their cup of tea (yet). The cast is comprised of regional/rural girls; we know community and what's needed to connect more personally than a FIFO show.

Marketing Materials

Promo videos, high-res images, press releases, media write ups, personalised cast stories, award laurels, social media accounts, website. YUCK has the ability to professionally use Adobe to create any new marketing material. Available upon request; question sheet themed around gender and sexuality, aimed for students 15+. Encourages further discussion with the show and its context.

Community Engagement

Roving/Cabaret acts: Each girl has several specialty skills that range across varying fields of art to present within different areas of the community (separate to the stage show.) Workshops: Between us we have more than 100 years of teaching experience. We specialise in teaching circus, but can also host dance and yoga programs. We teach all ages, all genders, and all physical capabilities. Georgia, YUCK's Director, is the Kimberley Coordinator of Outreach programs- specialising in Indigenous communities, providing art and the tools of creative expression to those who do not generally have access to it. Panels/Seminars/Gatherings: Through hosting discussions on topics like empowering local women, female camaraderie, and achieving in the arts. Us at YUCK come from regional, remote, and isolated towns. We want to meet locals, we want to affect towns, and we want to be your mates. Above is the formal 'scheduled' engagements, but we know it's much more important it is to be present in town. It may be going to 'Shirls BBQ' or teaching the kids to flip off the local jetty. Our careers have been founded in experiences like this, and it’s our company goal to keep that wheel turning.