Burketown is named after famous explorer Robert O’Hara Burke, who was the first colonial man to trek across the continent of Australia from north to south in 1800. The town’s original purpose was to serve as a port and supply centre for properties in the Gulf of Carpentaria. The phenomenon known as Morning Glory cloud occurs above the water’s surface in the sky, which causes flocks of tourists, enthusiastic surfers and aviation aficionados to visit the area during the spring for the Morning Glory festival.

Burketown is 2100 km (26 hr drive) north west of Brisbane, 500 km (6 hr drive) north of Mount Isa and 880 km (15 hr drive) west of Cairns.

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airport Airport:
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Australia Council Profile - Kennedy
Untitled-5 Local Electorate:
Carpentaria Shire
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Mount Isa
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30°C overcast clouds

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