Miles is located on the Warrego Highway, and is a hotspot for the mining industry including coal seam and electrical generation. Founded by Ludwig Leichardt in 1844, it was initially known as Dogwood Creek. Although the name was revised in 1878, the nearby creek retained the name (not because of local canines, but because of the dogwood bushes which dotted the banks of the river). The town is also home to the cropping and agriculture industries, exporting wheat, barley and cotton, and celebrates this diversity all in one each September at the Beef, Bells and Bottle Tree Festival.

Miles is located 335 km (4 hr drive) north west of Brisbane and 210 km (2 h 30 min drive) north west of Toowoomba.

View the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships online portal to identify the Indigenous language group/s for Miles.

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Australia Council Profile - Maranoa
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Western Downs Regional Council
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