Initially established as a railway stop, Quilpie was formed in 1917 and quickly thrived because of its mineral rich surroundings. Quilpie has one of the largest deposits of boulder opal in the world, and also has vast deposits of oil and gas. While these drove the initial founding, mining is a secondary industry, with a strong focus on grazing being the primary focus of the town. Quillpie has many exciting events throughout the year, including the Pride of the West Festival in September, The Outback Fringe Festival, and the Quilpie Street Party in August.

Quilpie is located 950 km (10 hr 45 min drive) west of Brisbane and 550 km (7 hr 30 min drive) south of Lonreach.

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Quilpie Airport
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Australia Council Profile - Maranoa
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Barcoo Shire
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29°C clear sky

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