Queensland Touring Showcase

Queensland presenters of all sizes and capacities are invited to attend Showcase at Arts Ablaze to start planning and discussing work to create stronger, more meaningful touring outcomes.

A panel from the Queensland network of venues and producers will use a curatorial framework to select productions featured at Queensland Touring Showcase to ensure the best available touring productions are being considered. Successful producers will be offered the opportunity to pitch at Showcase.  There is a similar but separate panel process used for PAX.

There will be several registration packages available to attend Arts Ablaze that range from 1 day to 3 days.  Queensland Touring Showcase will be a separate cost that can be added to your package.



PAX brings together producers, programmers and presenters from across the country to create and maximise touring opportunities and build relationships with a focus on national touring.

Queensland Presenters will be able to express interest in Queensland work that arTour is supporting through a separate mechanism fast tracking the Queensland touring process.

What's the difference between PAX and Showcase for presenters?

At Showcase you'll discover productions perfect for the various sized stages and venues we have in Queensland whereas at PAX expect to see work that is larger in scale and budget designed for mainstage theatres.

Presenters should bring their program calendars to both opportunities and be ready to negotiate with producers regarding dates, fees and engagement opportunities. This lays the necessary groundwork to confirm tours more quickly and efficiently in the weeks and months following both Showcase and PAX.

Still not sure? Contact arTour's Creative Broker to see where you fit.