What happens at Roadcase?

People from neighbouring regions come together to review the performing arts tours they would like to visit their communities over the next 12 to 18 months.

A selection panel of like-minded presenters have already done a lot of the heavy lifting, sorting the 200 productions submitted down to 20 productions that are suitable, affordable and of exceptional quality.

The list of productions will be sent out to Roadcase participants in advance so they can review the information before we meet. This way we can spend our time deciding what shows we like and how they can benefit our communities.

Who is Roadcase for?

Roadcase is an important opportunities for communities in rural and remote Queensland to have their say about which performing arts productions and artists they would like to see tour to their region. We encourage anyone who is responsible for programming public events or festivals to join us. This includes, but not limited to:

  • local councils
  • arts councils
  • regional festivals
  • community cultural development organisations

We encourage you to team up with others in your own community and attend as a small group. It’s a great way to unlock the potential of touring productions to impact and engage your local audiences.

If you would like more information or just chat with us about how Roadcase will work, contact arTour.