Every year arTour asks for your feedback through our annual survey so we can better understand the touring landscape, the challenges and what's working in your community. Many thanks to everyone who completed the survey, the results help guide us in our planning and development. You might discover some interesting trends that will guide your own planning too. Here is a summary of what you told us:

Presenters reflect on most successful shows in 2016:

  1. Live Music
  2. Childrens / Family
  3. Cabaret
  4. Comedy
  5. Music Theatre

(In 2015, the order was Comedy, Live Music, Childrens / Family, Cabaret, Dance)

In 2017 presenters are looking for:

  1. Childrens/Family
  2. Live Music
  3. Comedy
  4. Cabaret
  5. Physical Theatre / Circus
  6. Music Theatre
  7. Dance

(In 2015, the order was Comedy, Live Music, Childrens / Family, Cabaret, Dance, Physical Theatre / Circus)

Areas that people require touring support include: 


  • access to lower cost productions with better community engagement resources
  • affordable shows for small communities
  • support funding like a guarantee against loss – financial risk to be reduced
  • coordination across regional venues and communities
  • champions of work
  • source artists to tour to remote regions
  • shows that fit smaller venues


  • tour building and tour management support
  • tour logistics
  • technical support
  • remount money to remount the production - more funding for smaller companies who are not on regular salaries
  • answer specific questions about the presentation of shows
  • assistance with funding
  • a collaborative approach to marketing - artists and producers to offer more marketing opportunities

Venue Needs

  • funding for venue improvements


  • understanding the complexities of costs in putting together a tour
  • more knowledge of what funding is available
  • promotion of shows and increasing audiences
  • publicity and media advice

Significant challenges for presenting and touring shows: 

  • having the resources and time to dedicate to presenting shows
  • marketing – attracting audiences, clashing with other events in region
  • finances – increasing costs of presenting and producing tours, general economic downturn in particular regional areas
  • building itineraries that connect presenters in a logical and viable manner
  • producers and presenters partnership – need for up to date technical requirements, more understanding of presenters marketing needs such as the need for broadcast quality TV footage

Does this reflect your experience? Contact arTour if you have more feedback to share…