The results are in! Many thanks to the arTour network for completing our 2015 survey in October. Your responses gave us some useful insights and will continue to guide us in our planning and development in 2016/17. You might find some interesting responses that will guide your own planning too. Here is a summary of what you told us:

Presenters reflect on most successful shows in 2015:

  1. Comedy 
  2. Live Music 
  3. Children's/Family 
  4. Cabaret 
  5. Dance

In 2016 presenters are looking for:

  1. Comedy 
  2. Live Music 
  3. Children's/Family
  4. Cabaret 
  5. Dance
  6. Physical Theatre/Circus

Areas that people require more touring support include: 

  • Assistance with marketing (presenters and producers) 
  • Understanding funding options 
  • Initial communication with venue / brokering relationships with venues 
  • Financial subsidy / cheaper productions (particularly from community presenters) 
  • Understanding the logistics of touring in Queensland 
  • Budget advice 
  • Connection to national network 
  • Partnering with other communities to make tours work 
  • Help getting nearby schools on board 

Significant challenges for presenters: 

  • Getting audiences and engaging communities to participate 
  • Reducing budgets 
  • Sourcing affordable productions 
  • Having the capacity, resources and knowledge in local marketing and publicity 
  • Support for regional training and skill share for production and technical teams 
  • Creating more touring networks and being able to link in with existing tours 

Significant challenges for producers : 

  • Finding the right venues 
  • Hearing back from Presenters 
  • Varying capacity of presenters particularly when talking to a mix of managed and non-managed venues 
  • More opportunities to contact and liaise with presenters 

Does this reflect your experience? Contact arTour if you have more feedback to share…