The Showcase 2014 development sessions received an excellent response from participants. We'll be sharing the footage on our website over the coming months for those who couldn't attend or are looking for a refresher. In this session hear about Content Marketing from industry processionals Alana Capra (Queensland Ballet) and Louise Bezzina (Bleach Festival).

Alana shares her perspective from a producing company on content marketing, including all the opportunities that are available in the arts to create content, planning and distribution of content and outcomes.

Louise looks at content marketing from a presenting organisation point of view. She talks through how Bleach Festival overcame challenges of having limited content to market one of their major presentations. Louise highlights how the festival thought outside the box to create relevant content from every opportunity.

Watch the video here.

arTour thanks Alana and Louise for sharing their valuable expertise on Content Marketing at the Queensland Touring Showcase 2014.