It’s not too late to organise an ANZAC Centenary event.

The Centenary commemorating Australia's involvement in World War One officially started in August this year but many venues and communities have organised events and activities to coincide with ANZAC Day 2015. If you are still on the look out for something to present in your town here's a few suggestions that are currently available on the arTour website.

Remember, Centenary activities will continue through until 2018 so you may also want to consider some of these for 2016 and onwards.

Gallipoli - A Manual of Trench Warfare
Jally Productions examines life in the trenches at Gallipoli during World War 1, where two soldiers fight not only the Turkish enemy, but also the military establishment which condemns them. A lot of interest for this show has been raised already so contact the producers as soon as possible to be involved in the tour.

The Great War: Songs and stories of the First World War
What role did music and singing play on the frontline and at home during the Great War. John Thompson explores many of the stories and songs to recreate this period for contemporary audiences.

[Disordered] Action of the Heart
A foray into the mind and suffering of soldiers and nurses during World War One, Disordered Action of the Heart is a thoughtful, moving theatre production.  Stories collected from archives and personal accounts of those involved in the campaign illustrate themes as appropriate now as they were a hundred years ago.

Enharmonie Chamber Ensemble
Brisbane-based chamber ensemble, Enharmonie has three classical music events featuring well-known, popular songs of the war interspersed with excerpts from classical instrumental works of the period and narrative from WWI diaries, war poetry and other text.