Want to put on a Girls Night Out? Get the cabaret tables out, phone the girls and crack some bubbles, here's a selection of productions available for next year that are the perfect excuse.

I Can Keep A Secret
Babushka/Little Black Dress
Babushka invites you into their intimate confessional box for a musical celebration of the quirky, the unexpected and a world of delicious mash-ups, where Tchaikovsky meets Kate Bush and Kylie crash tackles Carmen.

Babushka will visit some lucky towns at the end of this year but are planning something a little bigger next year so don't miss out.

Judy Hainsworth and Kaitlin Oliver
Ever bought a gorgeous dress for a special occasion and returned it to the store the day after? Wish you had your own tagging gun to make it even easier? This could be the show for you.

#Firstworldwhitegirls just had a great season at the Judith Wright Centre and they're itching to spread their hysterical sense of entitlement far and wide.

debase productions
One of the most popular shows at the Queensland Touring Showcase this year, Spoilt is set to visit a whole bunch of towns in 2015. It's not surprising though people loved Spoilt in Melbourne and Liz Skitch is a firm favourite in Queensland after Skitch Tease in 2013.

There's still time to put your hand up for next year and jump on board what is going to be a huge tour.

Oh, Lady Be Good
Melissa Western
Something sophisticated by one of Queensland's favourites, Melissa Western. Oh, Lady Be Good is a feast of classic jazz and blues, flavoured with the music and stories of legendary chanteuses.

Touring with an equally talented group of musicians, Oh, Lady Be Good is as good as it gets.