If you are new to event marketing it can be difficult to know where to start or perhaps you might be stuck in a rut of rolling out the same activity for every event. Either way we’ve put together this simple 6 step plan as a suggested guide to get you inspired.

From locking in your key event info as early as possible, to building and boosting Facebook events; looking for ways to connect with other organisations in your town to help promote the show outside of your usual networks to collecting your audience contact info in preparation to build a strong database to build your regular audience base! It's all here in our 6 step plan.

We took this plan on the road for Roadcase and attendees contributed their own practical tips for what’s been working in their town – here’s just a few ideas

  • Create bookmarks with all the show information and give them to the local library or book store to slip into every borrowed or sold book. This works particularly well for performances based on books, kids shows or if the performer has written a book as part of their tour. 
  • Contact teachers or health workers in town and see if they’d like to bring a group. Young teachers and health workers tend to socialise with their work colleagues especially if they are new to town and this is a great way to invite them along to a community event.
  • Invite ‘connectors /people who talk’ around town with the offer of free tickets in exchange for their gift of the gab. Make sure they know they are expected to talk about the show to their customers, colleagues, friends and clients. You could even give them some key talking points to ensure they are on message  – try cab drivers, hair dressers, local councillors and socialites.
  • If there’s a strong link to local services see if you can get them on board to help promote the show. For example a recent tour focussed on the environment, waste and rubbish – connect with the local waste services and ask them to promote to their staff, put posters on council bins and in visible spaces they manage. Have fun with it! 
  • Always send a reminder out to your database the week of the event. This will ensure people don’t forget about the event at the last minute.