How can presenters find out what the community wants and therefore ensure a successful outcome?

One easy way is to conduct a survey.  This could include

  • Simply asking people - "What type of show/entertainment/workshop would you like to see come to town?"  "Would you come to see "XYZ" ?
  • Sending out a survey or contacting people through email, phone text, Face book or Twitter
  • Distributing surveys throughout the community - in the library, post office, local store, school, gallery etc
  • Consulting with any arts groups in your community
  • Ask other community organisations for feedback - local service, sporting or social groups and committees.   Their enthusiasm and support this will be invaluable through inexpensive "word of mouth" promotion and an increase in group bookings.
  • Check with the local radio station.  They regularly survey the community, know their likes and dislikes and are often willing to give "in kind" support.
  • Ask the "movers and shakers" and those with influence in your community.  They usually have many contacts and can help promote and "sell" a show for you.