Your Marketing Kit is an essential part of getting your show on the road. It should contain everything presenters need to get a good understanding of your show and how they might market it to their local community.

It’s important to consider your marketing early and ensure you have allocated a practical budget to create good quality materials. Think carefully about what content will work best to communicate your production. While a good set of images is mandatory perhaps footage is not the best medium for you. If your work is aural and doesn’t have a strong visual element an audio clip might be best. If your production is highly visual, video will serve you better. Remember to be creative! If you haven’t staged your work yet – interview the cast and director and perhaps include some rehearsal footage. If you don’t have any media reviews gather some audience feedback, even better record audience vox pops to camera.

The arTour marketing kit is designed as a guide, you don’t have to include everything however it’s best to provide as much information upfront to allow presenters to develop a strategic campaign with the material you provide.