This Marketing on a Shoestring development session was presented as part of Showcase 2014. It has excellent tips for any artist, producer or presenter looking for creative ways to extend their marketing dollar.

In this session industry processionals Willow Hart (USQ Artsworx) and Fiona MacDonald (Imaginary Theatre) unpack their approach to Marketing on a Shoestring.

Willow shares her perspective from a presenting organisation working with limited budgets, including tapping into free resources and community networks and making the most of partnerships and relationships to get the most bang for your buck.

Fiona looks at the topic from a producing company point of view. She explores the value of planning ahead, knowing your audience, social media, offsetting costs with in-kind support and the benefit of creating resource templates for use by venues.

Watch the video here.

arTour thanks Willow and Fiona for sharing their valuable insights on Marketing on a Shoestring at the Queensland Touring Showcase 2014.