WorkCover is one of those things that performers and producers have to know about, but a large majority of arts workers have little understanding about the practicalities of WorkCover.

What is WorkCover?

WorkCover is a type of insurance that organisations take out to insure employees against workplace accidents. However, if you are a contractor you are responsible for your own WorkCover or income protection insurance.

Workplace accidents

Workers may experience injuries whilst at work, especially during a tour of a physically demanding performance piece.  Someone may need to seek physiotherapy treatment, modify the performance, or even cancel the planned performance. Any injuries, no matter how serious, need to be reported to the tour manager/supervisor/producer as soon as they happen so that the appropriate follow up actions can be taken.

What to do after a workplace accident

It is all too common for WorkCover to be an after thought, often when the injured person has already visited the doctor, or sought physio treatment.  But if you wish to lodge a claim, a medical certificate is required when you first seek treatment.

This flow chart provides a simple summary of recommended steps to take should a workplace injury occur.

Please note that WorkCover may not cover the full cost of treatments, for a full list of rates please visit WorkCover QLD.