A local government guide to growing community wellbeing through the performing arts.

Local government plays a pivotal role in building cohesive, liveable, prosperous communities. The performing arts has significant untapped potential as a natural enabler of those outcomes. Local government often holds the key to unlocking that potential. In the majority of cases, performing arts facilities are owned, funded at least in part, and often directly managed by local government. The performing arts centre is the flagship of the community, often sitting in the most prominent place in the town's CBD. Our research tells us that local governments value their performing arts centres first and foremost as spaces that generate community wellbeing. They mention things like community cohesion, vibrancy and growing the local economy.

Yet there is very little guidance for local government in the governance, resource allocation and management decisions for performing arts facilities.

This guide was therefore commissioned by CircuitWest, primarily for local government senior management, to assist them to grow community wellbeing through their performing arts centres and facilities.