On Thursday, July 16 arTour producers hosted a webinar on the application and selection process for this year’s Queensland Touring Showcase.

Queensland Touring Showcase is an opportunity to connect great art, great venues and great audiences, start conversations and meet some amazing people. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. We have seen every aspect of our existence shut down and all performing arts organisations and venues try to figure out on a daily basis how to keep going. While we continue to strive in these uncertain times we know that art brings people of all backgrounds together and connects us in ways that fill our hearts and souls. While we can’t predict the future we want to ensure that we continue to plan for one together.

With this in mind we will be hosting this year's Queensland Touring Showcase conference online over four days – October 12, 14,19 & 21.  We plan to offer 2 days of conversations through a series of short online panel sessions. The other 2 days will be focused on pitching and round tables conversations. The format will be different but we are hoping to create an environment where everyone can still connect. 

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