Presenter Packs are used to help presenters understand if your production is suitable for their venue and audiences. This template covers Company Profile, About the Show, Performance specifics, Audience Engagement, Marketing, Production Details and Contacts. Remember it's just a guide, you are encouraged to change the style, format and design of the document and make it your own. Or if you already have a Presenter Pack, you may wish to refer to the following guide to check if you are missing any information.

Tips on completing the presenter pack

  • Be honest about the work, the requirements of the show and what you expect from venues.
  • Fill in as much information as possible (but do not make up information).
  • Delete any headings not applicable to the touring show.
  • Note any areas in which you are flexible (eg, the type of audience engagement, or the type of venue) and areas in which you are not flexible (eg, PA must be supplied by venue, one technician is required to operate the show etc).

Before you distribute your newly created Presenter Pack or upload it to your arTour production profile check through the following

  • Have you added an image to the front page?
  • Have you updated the [Show name] in the footer?
  • Have you consulted other personnel in the company to seek their input (eg marketing and technical)?
  • Have you updated the table of contents?
  • Have you deleted the instructions page (the first page)?
  • Have you saved the document as a PDF (this will ensure your formatting remains intact)

Download the arTour Presenter Pack Template here.

Any questions? Ask arTour!