Are you looking to program for children, young people, and primary schools? Brad Rush, Performing Arts Manager, Gold Coast Arts Centre gives some great tips on finding the right show, thinking about the experience for young people, and attracting young audiences.  

Could you give an overview of the different types of children's theatre shows that are being produced?

We are currently experiencing great audience response to main stage works, in particular adaptations from well-known children's books.  In addition to this, we would like to explore more intimate works that can be staged in our 105 seat black box... works of greater impact and participation.

When you are looking for children's theatre shows, how do you decide which ones would work best for your venue and your audiences?

When programming for our main theatre space, we are definitely looking at works of scale that project to 500+ audience. With our growing schools market, it is important to consider the curriculum links or connections to children's literature.

Are workshops and additional activities important to offer to young audiences? 

Workshops are of particular importance for our schools market, and can provide additional benefit in bringing audiences to the centre.

Have you got any tips for attracting schools audiences to shows?

The Arts Centre has provided additional resource to build relationship with the education sector. This includes:

  • Regular contact through visitations, email, and newsletters
  • Establishment of a consulting education committee
  • Through our donor and benefactor program we have established a "bus fund" that schools can apply to, for the reduction of travel cost. Via consultation with the local education sector, the cost of bus is sometime prohibitive for visits to the centre.

Have you got any tips for attracting family audiences to shows?

The enhancement of the family experience coming to the centre has been a focus. This may include:

  • Specific catering
  • Additional activity or entertainment that is provided free to overlay the experience
  • Our 6.00pm family performance times works perfectly.