Schools touring is a great opportunity for live performance artists to inspire young minds in a creative way.

Navigating the schools touring landscape however can be tricky and the following report published by Arts Queensland gives great insights into what schools are looking for. The Report delivers insights into producing, touring and marketing creative works that target an educational audience. Schools have communicated that there is increased value and preference for productions that focus on issues of health, well-being and cultural diversity. Teachers highlighted that drama and music are the preferred art forms for schools touring product.

The report provides interesting and useful data for touring works targeting Queensland schools. Schools indicated that they continue to place value on a direct relationship with the artists and arts companies, when booking and sourcing activities. Within Queensland schools, there has been a significant emphasis placed on incursions, with term 2, 3 and 4 being the preferred time for touring. In terms of promotion schools identified that the best time to promote touring activities is in Term 4 for the year ahead.

View the full report for a more detailed understanding of demand, preferred timing and pricing as well as barriers schools face in booking live performance.