Did you know that the Australian Consumer Law requires all ticket price representations to reflect the total price payable as a single figure, inclusive of any mandatory charges which the Consumer must pay to acquire a ticket, which might include booking or transaction fees, credit card charges and GST?

There are however some exceptions! Which you will discover in the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice.

The Ticketing Code of Practice operates as a best practice guide for the Australian live performance industry and relates to the purchase and use of tickets. The Code sets standards for consumer protection and encourages consumer confidence in the Australian live performance industry.

The Code is split into two sections. The Consumer Code which covers everything from refund entitlements due to rescheduling, cancellation, use of an understudy or event dissatisfaction through to to consumer rights when dealing with ticket scalpers. Whereas the Industry Code covers complaints and dispute resolution, protocol for ticket proceeds received in advance of an event and pricing clarity in event advertising.

The current edition of the Code was released on 1 January 2016. This edition has revised much of the legal terminology into plain english making the Code much more accessible and easier to understand. It's important that all presenters and producers ticketing their events are familiar with the Code and we encourage you to review it now.