Every healthy grant application requires a good dose of support letters. There's a good chance you'll be asked (or have already been asked!) to write one for an upcoming tour you've expressed interest in. Support letters don’t have to be written masterpieces, or a particular length.  As long as they state why you, as a Presenter, believe the show should receive financial support.

Your letter of support could include the following:

  • Why the presenter has selected to host the performance?
  • What is it about the show that has sparked your interest?
  • Have you hosted performances by the same artist / producer before and know the new performance will do well in the community?
  • How you think the wider community may benefit from the performance (not just your organisation's members).  
  • Does the show address issues that are relevant to the community?
  • Is there a particular demographic that the show reaches (children, seniors etc).
  • Are there workshops or community engagement that you are looking forward to?
  • Is there a community event that will coincide with the performance?
  • Is the timing of the show special?
  • Any stories that may support the letter.
  • How the community has benefited from similar shows in the past.