Having a good quality trailer might be the thing that gets your production's foot in the door. Here are a couple of tips to consider when filming and editing your next production trailer.


  • During the documentation process allocate some time to film close ups - capture performers faces and other unique moments in the show


  • keep the trailer nice and short, less than 60 seconds is ideal
  • don't try to include everything from the production in the trailer, find the strengths of the work and highlight these
  • use one audio track only
  • include some really short, impactful media quotes if available - just one or two
  • open with the most interesting and engaging shot to hook the viewer
  • leave your supers to the end of the video - at the beginning let the audience get straight into the action (like a TVC). A super is a text based slide.
  • if available use some extreme close ups to bring some personality to the performers
  • add applause track to the end of the trailer to highlight the audience enjoyment


  • at the end of your clip include just a few necessary supers such as; show title, company name, mandatory acknowledgements only if necessary, Company logo and funding logos (if required), finish on company website (remove www just list the most simple url e.g. artour.com.au)

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