Fresh off the back of the Performing Arts Exchange and building on momentum from Queensland Touring Showcase, arTour is currently developing 12 tours both nationally and in Queensland for 2018 and into 2019.

We are inviting presenters to contact us now to jump on any these tours before they are locked and loaded by October. If you're interested in being included in any of them there's still time. Use the links below to click through and discover more information about each production. Contact arTour's Creative Broker, Luke Harriman if you are interested in bringing any of these tours to your community.

2018 Tours

A Prudent Man - Lab Kelpie Productions

A darkly comedic political thriller that asks what it means to be right... in more ways than one.
Available May 2018 onwards National Tour

I Love Me Just The Way I Am & Look Mum No Hands - Indelability Arts

Creating theatre that leaves a mark, Indelability Arts have a mini residency project available including an in-school production, a general public performance, and a number of opportunities for local engagement.
Available October 2018 Queensland Tour

Babushka in Happily Ever After - Little Match Productions (formerly Little Black Dress Creatives)

These aren't the fairy tales Granny told you before bedtime... Babushka trio turns our best loved children's stories inside-out in this dark, seductive and wickedly funny cabaret.
Available September - October 2018 Queensland Tour

Exposing Edith - I'll Wager Productions

Exposing Edith is a stunning mix of authentic French chanson and contemporary sounds punctuated with a collection of extraordinary stories of Edith Piaf's life.
Available April - May 2018 Queensland Tour

Goldie and the 3 B-Bears - Elements Collective

Children / Dance
So you thought Goldie Locks was just out for a walk in the woods? Well you didn't get the whole story. Goldie and the 3 B-bears is a hip hop dance theatre show that uses spoken word, rhyme, music, drama and dance to let you in on what really went down. Ideal for 4 to 10 year olds and their families.
Available May - July 2018 Queensland Tour

Bush Gothic

Contemporary folk music
Rattled by the bones of convicts and steeped in campfire smoke, Bush Gothic perform darker, stranger Australian folk. Defiantly modern, achingly old, this most daring of Australian bush bands from Melbourne, Australia perform songs of criminal women and desperate men from an era of transportation, adventure and gold.
Available May and June 2018 Queensland Tour

Barbara & Barry Romance Radio Play - Western-Dyer Productions

Cabaret / Comedy
Imagine Days of our Lives with Basil and Cybil Faulty playing every character at once. Pepper that with delicious voices, refined musical expression and drench in spontaneous joyful delights and you have just stepped foot into Barbara and Barry's Romance Radio Play.
Available May - June 2018 Queensland Tour

2019 Tours

Joh for PM - JUTE Theatre Company

Musical Theatre Comedy
Joh for PM is a musical romp through the life of ex-Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen, the Queensland icon who set state politics alight. There's no business like Joh business!
Available May - July 2019 National Tour

Untapped - Raw Dance Company

Following a hugely successful Queensland touring in early 2017, RAW Dance will take Untapped across the country sharing their high-octane dance, music & comical experience for the whole family.
Available February - June 2019 National Tour

The Owl and the Pussycat - Little Match Productions (formerly Little Black Dress Creatives)

Children and families / Music / Theatre
In a pea green boat, an owl and a pussycat sail across the sea, for a year and a day, to where the Bong-tree grows. This charming children's work melds live performance, puppetry, operatic vocals, acoustic music and experiential theatre inside a giant green boat and immersive landscape.
Available May onwards 2019 National Tour

The Dinner Party - Expressions Dance Company

Contemporary dance
Passion and power collide with greed, ambition and jealousy at this dinner party. This is gripping dance theatre, explosive athleticism wrapped in exquisite fashion by award-winning choreographer Natalie Weir and her ensemble at Expressions Dance Company.
Available mid to late 2019 National Tour

Tequila Mockingbird - shake & stir theatre company

Visiting themes of racial prejudice, the perversion of justice and the consequences of alcohol abuse, all in a uniquely Australian context, shake & stir's 2019 national tour is a bold, brave new work examining a darker side of Australian culture lurking just below the surface.
Available 2019 National Tour

If you're interested in any of the productions listed above please contact arTour's Creative Broker, Luke Harriman.