When a new show arrives in town, more than anything the touring party appreciate a warm welcome and a quick orientation.

Here are a few simple tips for Presenters to help touring parties feel welcome and familiarise them with your community and venue

  • Ensure the venue is ready for the touring party arrival
  • Meet the touring party at the venue on arrival
  • Provide the touring party with an orientation of the venue including --
    • key/lockup process and alarms
    • access to backstage/dressing rooms/ bathrooms
    • location and instructions for using lighting, air conditioning /heating and any required production equipment
    • location and access to power supply
    • contact numbers for venue staff
  • Check the schedule for bump in, performance, workshop and bump out times
  • Share examples of the promotion / marketing material that has been used to promote the show
  • Provide details/map of local shops, chemist, laundry facilities etc

Some Presenters have gone above and beyond when welcoming touring parties to their communities, demonstrating some serious country hospitality by organising a post show supper, coordinating a visit to local tourist attractions and providing a Welcome Pack of local produce.

arTour would love to hear more about how you welcome touring parties to your community.