Deciding what production equipment to take on tour is influenced by two factors – the venues you are touring to and the importance of the equipment.


What Are The Venues?

  • Are you touring to unmanaged venues, town halls and remote locations? 
    You should take everything you need to put on the show.  These types of venues are often a blank canvas, with no production equipment and it is up to you to turn it into a performance space. Examples of unmanaged venues include Normanton Railway Station, Cloncurry Shire Hall and Winton Shire Hall.
  • Are you touring to mid-sized venues, where there is basic lighting and sound equipment, but the quantity and quality is unknown? 
    You should probably take a few basic pieces, or items to make the performance a little more special.  These types of venues often have basic lighting and sound equipment, but limited or no skilled technicians to support touring shows.  Examples of mid-size venues include Diggers Entertainment Centre in Hughenden and the Capella Cultural Centre.
  • Are you touring to managed venues, which have all the bells and whistles? 
    You only need to take equipment that is essential to the production.  These types of venues have full time production staff and skilled technicians to support touring shows.  Examples of managed venues include Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre and the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba.


If you are unsure what type of venue you are touring to, look at the venue website. If the venue doesn’t have a website, then it is most likely an unmanaged or mid-size venue.  If there is a website, check for technical specifications and plans.  It is also a good idea to call the venue and ask them about their technical specifications.


How Vital Is The Equipment?

  • Are you a one-man show and a radio headset microphone is vital to the performance? 
    Then you should bring the radio headset microphone.  If there is a piece of equipment that you cannot do the performance without, then you should tour with that equipment -   don’t rely on venues to provide specific equipment if it is crucial to the show.
  • Are you a theatre piece that doesn’t have any specific technical requirements? 
    Then research the venues you will be touring to and consider how the show will adapt in each venue.  If you can do the show with the gear that is provided by the venue, then you may not need to tour anything.

After you confirm the venues and consider the importance of the equipment, you will have a good idea of what equipment you will need to take on tour.