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Comedy North West Up until today
Artist/Production Artform Region Tour Dates
I Can Keep A Secret Cabaret, Comedy South East, North West, North, Far North 31/10 2014 08/11 2014
Sweet, Sour & Saucy Cabaret, Comedy South East, Central West, Darling Downs, Wide Bay / Burnett, Central, North West 05/02 2015 10/07 2015
Fly-In Fly-Out Comedy, Drama North, South East, North West, Darling Downs 25/03 2015 19/06 2015
Everything Must Go Comedy, Drama South East, Darling Downs, Central West, North West, Central 26/04 2015 23/05 2015
Squaring the Wheel Children's / Family, Comedy, Physical Theatre / Circus South East, North West, Central West, Far North, North, Central, Wide Bay / Burnett, Darling Downs, South West 27/04 2015 25/07 2015
Get Hypnotised! The Matt Hale Comedy Hypnosis Show Cabaret, Comedy, Visual Theatre North West, North, Wide Bay / Burnett, Central, Darling Downs 10/07 2015 29/07 2015
Spoilt Cabaret, Comedy Darling Downs, South West, Wide Bay / Burnett, Central, North, North West, Far North, South East 09/10 2015 19/11 2015
Proppa Solid by Steven Oliver Comedy Far North, North West, North 06/06 2016 15/10 2016
SuperGirly: Return of the Pop Princess Cabaret, Comedy, Music Theatre / Opera South East, Darling Downs, North West, North 24/08 2016 02/09 2016
Doll Cabaret, Comedy Central, North West, North, South East, Darling Downs 09/09 2016 08/10 2016
Untapped Children's / Family, Comedy, Dance South East, Central, Far North, North, Wide Bay / Burnett, North West 17/03 2017 13/04 2017
Trash Test Dummies Children's / Family, Comedy, Physical Theatre / Circus North West, North, Central, Central West, Wide Bay / Burnett, South East, Darling Downs 03/05 2017 09/07 2017
A Night with Opera Queensland Comedy South East, South West, Central, Wide Bay / Burnett, Far North, North West 25/08 2017 16/09 2017
Babushka in Happily Ever After Cabaret, Comedy, Live Contemporary Music South East, Central, North, Darling Downs, Wide Bay / Burnett, Far North, North West, Central West, South West 22/06 2018 03/11 2018
Goldie & the 3 B-Bears Children's / Family, Comedy, Dance North West 25/06 2018 06/07 2018
Outback Comedy Gala Comedy North West, Central West, South West, Darling Downs, Central 21/03 2019 13/04 2019

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