Blackall-Tambo Regional Council recognizes the importance of engaging performing arts for the communities of Blackall and Tambo. Supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund, Council aims to deliver shows across a range of genre for both towns targeting adults, children and whole of community. Touring performances are a high priority for the RADF Committee, facilitating access to live theatre and music is an identified need and addressing that need enriches the cultural fabric of our region and exposes our community to the world of opportunities that exist.


Council aims to deliver 2-3 live performances in both towns each year. We work closely with community groups as delivery partners and engage entertaining, lively, comedic performances that provide entertainment for a broad range of the community demographic, attracting attendances of between 10-20% of the population. Support is similarly given to school based performances as an avenue to support the development of the young people in the Blackall-Tambo Region and provide access to performances and tutelage to enable exposure to professional performance skills.

Audience Insights

The audiences in Blackall and Tambo have a good sense of humour and enjoy a show that provides hearty entertainment. For small communities there is generally a good turn out and performers often leave telling us that we ‘are the best audience they have had on tour’.

Additional Information

Local community groups would welcome the opportunity to value add to their event with a touring performance. Local agricultural shows are in April and May and would welcome any form of children’s entertainment whereas festivals in October would benefit from the addition of an evening performance.