The Moncrieff Entertainment Centre, owned and operated by Bundaberg Regional Council, is a 797 seat proscenium theatre based in the centre of Bundaberg's CBD.


As well as being geographically at the centre, the Moncrieff aims to be the 'centre' of performing arts in the region. That is, the centre of a network of performing artists, educators and professional production . Whatever we present at the venue needs to add substantial value to our community. The venue has a presenting budget which aims to fill gaps in commercial programming and to fill areas of community demand. There is a strong interest in work for children and young people, work that supports school curricula, work that addresses areas of social need, First Nations work and work that demonstrates the cultural diversity of our community. Council has an interest in increasing our community's engagement in and participation with the arts, so work that allows the community into the making will be a priority.

Why audiences come to this venue

  • To have a social night out with friends/family

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Additional Information

The Bundaberg region is a busy place culturally speaking. There is a strong musical presence through schools, some great music organisations (particularly in classical music) and a broad interest in the arts of all kinds. However, the region is one of the country's lowest in socio-economic terms, so ticket prices need to be strongly considered.

May and August are eisteddfod seasons and are incredibly busy. The Show Holiday is usually at the very end of May. School holidays are generally not a great time - especially at Easter and in September as these seem to be times people leave for holidays. There is a large dance eisteddfod that happens in the Easter holidays every year. The venue's busiest time is July through to November